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"Love ALL Your Neighbors" Poster - A More Meaningful Valentine's Day

I am not normally one for Valentine's Day.  I loathe the commercialization, the heterocentrism, the pressure it exerts on couples to perform.  Plus, there are 364 other days we could be showing affection for those we love.

But in recent days, what was an undertow of hatred and bigotry has become overt U.S. national policy.  And so, I'd like to take this holiday— which has mostly become an excuse for retailers to sell us absurd amounts of chocolate, jack up the price of flowers, and generally spend money on scripted romantic gestures— and co-opt it for a different kind of love.

Neighborly love.  Not as in platonic love, but as in basic respect and honor for our fellow people.  Love that connects us via common human experiences, regardless of age, nationality, race, religion, gender, philosophy, ability, sex, sexual orientation, social or economic class, or any other differentiating category you can come up with.

To that end, I've created a poster with a message of love and respect for all people, no matter what.  I chose the, "Love thy neighbor" Biblical passage because it is so familiar to a majority of Americans, and more powerful a message in this country and cultural context as a result.  

Please download and print this poster for use at rallies, at protests, in your home, at your business (really, where ever you want!) and feel free to share a link to this page via whatever social outlets you use.  Spread the love.